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We are dedicated to transforming the way you experience your indoor environment.

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At SoCal Air Duct Cleaning, we are more than just a cleaning service – we are dedicated to transforming the way you experience your indoor environment. With our roots deeply embedded in Southern California, we have been a trusted name in the air duct cleaning industry for many years.

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Air duct cleaning

When you are at home and you keep on sneezing and having a running nose, You’re restless. It leaves you restless with anything you do at home and outside. In addition, you may find it familiar that you get to work and your allergies will be improve.

Dryer vent cleaning

We offer same day dryer vent cleaning and for a good reason. Dryer vent cleaning could become a hazardous situation, so we are on it. In case you notice your dryer vent is clogged and not letting air out properly, it could catch on fire.

Carpet cleaning

You will find a great different between the quality of a carpet cleaning service using several measurements. First, carpet cleaning that is done correctly should last you for at least 3-4 months. Of course much of it really depends on the quality of the carpet
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Nothing speaks louder than results. Hear directly from our clients and discover how our innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Deep Cleaning Process


Getting Ready

Opening the air duct vents and main return – getting ready to set up!


Walk Through

We inspect the air duct and main return for all trouble areas and specify the treatment necessary.


Special Treatment

Then we apply the right air duct cleaning products and eqipment to the correct troubled areas in the vents.


Fresh & Clean

Now it is time to fully fresh and clean the air duct vent and heat up the steam.


Steam & Extract

This step concludes the previous effort by applying hot steam to the air duct vent, we break the stains as a result of the correct product used, heat and agitation.



In some areas the air duct vent may need to be repeatedly treated to get the best air ducts cleaning results.

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How To Choose The Right Air Duct Cleaning Method

Air duct cleaning could often get very tricky because of the lack of maintenance it received over the years. We cannot really see what goes on inside our ducts. In addition, many of us neglect to upkeep and freshen up the ducts over the years. The normal scenery inside is composed of dust, dead bugs, often dead mice and even birds. Therefore, choosing a strong air duct cleaning process including a brush in order to fully agitate is recommended. .

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Uses Only Hot Steam Extraction

For achieving the best results in any cleaning procedure one must take into consideration the triangle formula. This formula is composed of 3 main variables that will affect any cleaning to get best results.


Correct Solvent for Job

Using the correct treatment for cleaning a specific stain will increase the odds of fully breaking and removing it.



A rubbing motion on the troubled area using the correct solvent will get into the smallest details of the stain and will help remove it from the core.



Applying the right temperature (mostly the higher the better) with the extraction of the solvent and the stain will help removing most if not all the stain..


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